Emergency Appeal to Help Israel

ICEJ Meeting Urgent Needs as Passover Nears

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Like so many other nations at present, the Coronavirus threat has had a huge impact on Israel. The economy is reeling as unemployment has jumped from 4% to over 22% in the last three weeks. Tourism has flatlined and now the hi-tech sector is taking a big hit. Even the main outdoor shouks in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are shuttered.

And Israel is now entering the Passover season under the cloud of this modern-day plague. More than 50% of families in the large city of Ashdod have asked for social aid to help them through the Passover holidays.

So our support for the Jewish people is more important than ever. We know your nation is impacted by this global health crisis as well, but we are asking all those who love Israel to give your best gift in this time of crisis and believe in God’s promise to bless those who bless Israel.

Despite the current lockdown in Israel, the ICEJ has some 20 staff members who have permission to leave their homes to feed and assist Holocaust survivors and other elderly Israelis. We also are forging ahead with a number of Passover aid projects to help new immigrants and other needy Israeli families. So in this time of crisis, we are still your hands and feet in Israel!


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