Ethiopian Aliyah at Passover

An Urgent Need at a Special Time

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Last week, the ICEJ sponsored another flight of 72 Ethiopian Jews coming home to Israel. But they arrived amid the Coronavirus threat and had to immediately go into a 14-day quarantine. And now the Passover is approaching and their first celebration of this holiday in the Promised Land will happen under very difficult circumstances. Instead of a big communal Pessach seder meal like in this video from last year, this time they will have to mark this biblical holiday while confined to their rooms in an absorption center.

The ICEJ has committed to providing these Ethiopian Jewish families and many other new immigrants to Israel with the means to celebrate this Passover. Our assistance will include traditional foods, basic necessities, games and toys for the children, and other holiday items. They have arrived in a new country at a time of great hardship and need our help!

Thank you for helping us fulfill their dreams of starting over in the Jewish homeland. And thank you for standing with the ICEJ as we continue to comfort the people of Israel during the Coronavirus crisis.

Please give your timely and generous gift today to help us provide Passover packages for new immigrants who have just arrived in Israel:


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