Giving Help & Hope this Passover!

Food Packages for Holocaust Survivors

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One of the most meaningful projects that the ICEJ takes part in each year is the Passover packing event held at our Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors. Each spring, Christians from our staff join with Jewish survivors to pack holiday gift boxes with food and other essentials for needy Israeli families at Passover.

However, due to the Coronavirus threat, we were not able to pack Passover boxes with our dear friends at the Haifa Home this year, in order to ensure their safety. Even so, we are glad to report that we will still be able to fill and deliver holiday baskets to hundreds of deserving Jewish families well in time for Pessach! The health rules to contain the virus have limited movement all across the country, but we are still finding a way to provide for many Jewish households at this special holiday season.

We hope you enjoy this video from last year's Passover packing event. And we invite you to bless Israeli families this Passover season, even in the midst of the Corona crisis!

Please give a timely and generous gift today to help us supply Passover packages to needy Israelis.


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